Not gonna lie, couple sessions are my favourite! My heart skips a beat when I see the raw and authentic love between two people! That nose scrunchy, giddy feeling you get sets my heart on fire and I want to document that for you!

Whether you've been dating for 1 month or been married for 50 years, your love for each other is uniquely beautiful and is worth celebrating!!! I want you to look back on your photos and reminisce about how you have grown through the ups and downs of life and to remember that your love is worth fighting for.  Yours is a love that's worth documenting. 

So let's go on a date, just you two and me as your professional paparazzi. 


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Life is so busy.  Thank goodness for my daily planner!  But in the midst of the crazy, we all need to connect with the person that we love most.  Just Because Sessions are a great way to have a date and document it with me as your professional third wheel.

Possible session ideas: going for coffee, canoeing, making cookies, going skating, hiking, campfire and marshmallows, pillow fight, paint war, picnic on the beach, playing at the park, or whatever your fav hobby happens to be!

just because sessions


Whether you are at the 1 year mark or 50 years down the road, each anniversary is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated! 

FYI, I offer gift cards and an Anniversary Session would make a great gift idea for your spouse!!!



Engagement sessions are the perfect way to celebrate this new chapter in your life and also get to know your wedding photographer before the big day!  These sessions are designed to show off your unique love story in a beautiful and fun way!  With a mix of traditional and uniquely authentic poses that will capture your personalities!  Plus, it is a lot of fun!!!

Did you know, all wedding collections come with a complementary engagement session?!



yup!  I want this!

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I can't wait to hear your story. How you met, when you knew you were in love, how your soul mate proposed, and what you love to do together. Whether you're planning your wedding or you've been married for years, love is one of life's truest adventures.

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- Prices are subject to taxes (PST & GST).
- Prices are subject to change at any time, but are official when booked. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
- A non-refundable 50% booking fee must be paid to hold your spot.
- I no longer book sessions on Sunday’s, this is reserved for my family.

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I want a date with my soulmate!

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let's celebrate + create a session that is unique to you both

Déjà Vu weddings

get dressed back up in your wedding attire for a super fun date!

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"KRYSTAL! I'm crying! They are SO amazing!!!! WOW!!!! I am in love with them. You truly captured our love so perfectly and I’ll cherish these FOREVER! I can’t thank you enough and will spread your name around to everyone I know.

Also, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE WHICH ONE TO POST!? My dilemma for the morning."

kelsey & nick

"Krystal was very easy going, cracking all the jokes (which we love good humour), so professional, and always showing us how to pose and act “comfortable” rather then staged. This is what made our photo shoot experience above and beyond! We are loving the photos and can’t wait for more! Krystal is amazing at what she does!"

teagan + reid

"I have only great thinks to say about Krystal. The booking experience was easy and I appreciated the fact that Krystal provided tips for a great session, including a “what to wear” guide. The actual session was so much fun. Krystal encouraged us to be ourselves and to do silly things. We laughed so much! This took the pressure away from how I was standing and made it fun! Krystal is easygoing and super funny. She is a natural at what she does.  But the best part was the photos. They are absolutely beautiful.  It was worth every penny!  I actually cried when I saw the photos!"

Brittany + Justin

"Krystal is seriously so wonderful to work with! So personable and professional and truly goes the extra mile to make you feel valued.

My boyfriend thought the session would be so awkward. You acted like a real person and not over the top and aggressive about your excitement which I think helped him relax . Despite the time crunch, with the  15 minute mini session, we never felt rushed like I expected we would.  

I couldn't be happier with her work or the experience."

taylor + Destiny





Awe!  They all said such nice things!  I want to work with you!

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Love notes from some rock star couples!

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